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About Dr. Prokosch

I grew up on a fourth generation family farm north of Bird Island, MN. It was a peaceful place to grow up, but on a foggy morning when I was in the sixth grade my older brother and I got rear ended by a farmer’s truck. The unfortunate result was two holes in the back window of our truck from our heads. As a result, I could not turn my head from side to side, and the day after the accident I developed severe headaches. So we went to our Medical Doctor and he said that the stiffness would eventually go away and he gave me a prescription for anti-inflammatories to treat my headaches.

That was when my parents decided that they needed a second opinion and took me to see our local Chiropractor.

Within a short period of time after beginning Chiropractic treatments I could once again turn my head from side to side.  My range of motion improved noticeably week after week and the headaches completely went away! It was this quick progress that got me intrigued as to what it was that my Chiropractor was actually doing to get such quick results.

After graduating high school I set out on my Chiropractic journey, first attaining a degree in Biology from Moorhead State University in 1998. From there I attended Northwestern Health Sciences University, completed my internship in Costa Rica, and graduated in 2003 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After graduation I moved to Florida to practice at a family run clinic. It was there that I had the opportunity to work side-by-side with a Medical Doctor. Rather than prescribing drugs to treat people’s symptoms, this MD used simple lifestyle changes, and prescribed patients various vitamins and minerals. Working cooperatively with Chiropractic care we had great results!

After practicing in Florida and Colorado I moved back home to Minnesota. 

What I really love about Chiropractic care is that instead of using drugs and surgery, we use manual methods and nutrition to improve the overall function of the body. Prescribing nutraceuticals rather than pharmaceuticals gives the body the building blocks that it needs to heal.

* We do not change, alter, or modify any prescriptions presently being taken by patients.

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